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About us


Our company operates as a Hungarian-owned, family-owned company, whose past is back in 1989.

From 1993, we started manufacturing our own products, which soon became our main profile. In the coming years, we became one of Hungary's leading producers of reform food.


We have been continuously developing in the 2000s, thanks to which we have modern, high capacity packaging machines and a well-functioning team where everyone is committed to producing quality reform foods. This is evidenced by the fact that in January 2018, we obtained an IFS Food Quality Certificate, which is internationally recognized. We ensure the traceability and identification of our products from receipt to sales through our SAP Enterprise Management System.


Our products can be found all over the country in bio and reform food stores, as well as in some multinational networks and other food stores and pharmacies.


For the founder, Ottó Dénes, it is crucial to promote healthy lifestyle and eating, and to educate people on health. She has been holding health-related performances since 1987, and since 1989 she has started as a contractor for the marketing and production of food, which eventually became a family business after continuous development.

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